Cognitive Computing
Mark Watson's consulting services enable individuals and small organizations to use cognitive computing, machine learning, and general artificial intelligence

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Contact me with your requirements for using artificial intelligence, machine learning and cognitive computing technology

Turnkey systems

I offer custom built solutions using machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) technologies

Mentor your staff

I will work with your staff to quickly get them up to speed on Cognitive Computing technologies

Custom and Open Source Software

While I use some proprietary software that has developed, I primarily leverage open source machine learning and natural language processing software

Mark Watson's Books on Machine Learning and AI

My books cover many of the technologies that I use on customer projects:


"Artificial Intelligence (AI) is likely to change our civilization as much as or more than any technology that's come before, even writing." - Miles Brundage and Joanna Bryson, 'Future Tense'

"The next 20 years are going to make the last 20 years just pale. Machines are for answers; humans are for questions." - Kevin Kelly

Proprietary KBSPortal NLP Software

I use our own natural language processing library KBSPortal for entity recognition, associating entities and topics with Wikipedia/DBPeda URIs, and text summarization.


Deeplearning4j is an Apache 2 licensed open source project used for image and speech recognition, anomaly detection, and regression classifiers.

Spark MLlib

The Spark MLlib machine learning library is Apache 2 licensed and combines massive scalability with support for classification and regression models, and document clustering.

Maximum entropy text classification models

Prepare training data and train maximum entropy text classification models using the OpenNLP open source NLP libraries.

TensorFlow Machine Learning

Using Google's Apache 2 licensed TensorFlow library for image recognition and language processing applications.

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